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How to Use RAND and RANDBETWEEN Functions in Excel

There are times when we wish to simulate randomness without actually performing a random process. For example, suppose we wanted to analyze a specific instance of 1,000,000 tosses of a fair coin. We could toss the coin one million times and record the results, but this would take awhile. One alternative is to use the random number functions in Microsoft’s Excel. The functions RAND and RANDBETWEEN both provide ways to simulate random behavior. The RAND Function We will begin by considering the RAND function. This function is utilized by typing the following into a cell in Excel: RAND() The function takes no arguments in the parentheses. It returns a random real number between 0 and 1. Here this interval of real numbers is considered a uniform sample space, so any number from 0 to 1 is equally likely to be returned when using this function. The RAND function can be used to simulate a random process. For example, if we wished to use this to simulate the tossing of a coin, we would only need to use the IF function. When our random number is less than 0.5, then we could have the function return H for heads. When the number is greater than or equal to 0.5, then we could have the function return T for tails. The RANDBETWEEN Function A second Excel function that deals with randomness is called RANDBETWEEN. This function is utilized by typing the following into an empty cell in Excel. RANDBETWEEN([lower bound], [upper bound]) Here the bracketed text is to be replaced by two different numbers. The function will return an integer that has been randomly chosen between the two arguments of the function. Again, a uniform sample space is assumed, meaning that each integer is equally likely to be chosen. For example, evaluating RANDBETWEEN(1,3) five times could result in 2, 1, 3, 3, 3. This example reveals an important use of the word â€Å"between† in Excel. This is to be interpreted in an inclusive sense to include the upper and lower bounds as well (as long as they are integers). Again, with the use of the IF function we could very easy simulate the tossing of any number of coins. All we would need to do is use the function RANDBETWEEN(1, 2) down a column of cells. In another column, we could use an IF function that returns H if a 1 has been returned from our RANDBETWEEN function, and a T otherwise. Of course, there are other possibilities of ways to use the RANDBETWEEN function. It would be a straightforward application to simulate the rolling of a die. Here we would need RANDBETWEEN(1, 6). Each number from 1 to 6 inclusive represents one of the six sides of a die. Recalculation Cautions These functions dealing with randomness will return a different value upon each recalculation. This means that every time that a function is evaluated in a different cell, the random numbers will be replaced by updated random numbers. For this reason, if a particular set of random numbers is to be studied later, it would be worthwhile to copy these values, and then paste these values into another part of the worksheet. Truly Random We must be careful when using these functions because they are black boxes. We do not know the process Excel is using to generate its random numbers. For this reason, it is difficult to know for certain that we are obtaining random numbers.

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Essay about Mid-Term Managerial Accounting - 2206 Words

Managerial Accounting Mid-Term 1.) a.) Snack-Foods division president may want to play the end-of-year games because there may be a bonus for the division president if they get certain earnings for the year. Not only a bonus for the division president; but there may be a bonus for the division itself. With that being said he could use that for the other employees to help participate in the year-end games. If corporate has seen them fallen behind, then these year-end games maybe able to apply to job security or even promotions. b.) Each year-end games †¢ Acceptable- If they plan to have it maintained until January of the following year there would be no work shown and they would not need to put a transaction regarding the†¦show more content†¦Units Materials Conversion Units to be accounted for: Beginning Inventory 400 360 160 Units Started into production 13,000 Units to Account for 13, 400 Beginning, WIP Completed 400 40 240 Started and Completed 12,900 12,900 12,900 Units Completed 13,330 Ending Inventory 100 50% 30% Units to Account For 13,400 Equivalent Units 13,350 13,330 Cost Data: Units Materials Conversion Beginning, WIP costs $5,204 $756 $4,448 Current Period Cost 392,076 29,949 362,127 Total Cost $397,280 $30,705 $366,575 Equivalent Units of Production 13,350 13,330 Cost per Equivalent Unit, a/b= $29.80 $2.30 $27.50 Cost Assignment: Transferred Out 396,340.00 Ending Inventory: Materials 115.00 Conversion 825.00 Total Cost to Account For 397,280.00 4.) a.) Discretionary fixed costs may be altered in the short-term by current managerial decisions; an example can be advertising, training or even development in which a company can always alter these decisions and bring it back later. Committed fixed costs differ due to it being long term and it cannot be reduced in the short-term; such examples are depreciation on buildingsShow MoreRelatedmanagerial accounting mid-term practice solution1733 Words   |  7 Pagessales, net operating income will tend to increase more rapidly in a company with high fixed costs and low variable costs than in a company with high variable costs and low fixed costs. T 16. All of the following costs would be found in a companys accounting records except: sunk cost. opportunity cost. indirect costs. direct costs. 17. Which of the following would most likely be included as part of manufacturing overhead in the production of a wooden table? The amount paid to the individualRead MoreEvolution of Performance Measurement Models in Management Accounting1594 Words   |  7 PagesManagement Accounting Name Grade course Tutor’s name 2nd October 2010 Abstract Changes in management accounting have gone by unnoticed in the recent years. This article tries to explain by how much management accounting has altered through the years, since the 1950s to date, and the reasons that led to the changes. This work also focuses on various performance evaluation models, their applications and their effectiveness. Introduction There was little advancement in accounting in theRead MoreAgency Problem - Essay1517 Words   |  7 Pagesand achieve portfolio diversification. The objective of managers is assumed to be to further these interests by maximizing the firm’s share value. This can be achieved by taking on projects with positive NPV and good management of short-term capital and long-term debt. However, shareholders and managers are assumed to want to maximize their utilities; so this objective may not always be the priority for managers as they may rather prefer to maximize their own wealth or further other personal interestsRead MoreCase: Lipschultz, Levin Gray1591 Words   |  7 PagesChartered Professional Accounting (CPA) Company provides accounting, tax and consulting services to mid-sized and large privately held companies and to the individuals that own and manage these enterprises. Stephen P. Seigel is the CEO facing new yet challenging tasks. He assures that LLG’s clients have the best professionals working for them. It has the resources to service other company as it grows and develops in complexity. Over 50 years of services for the accounting, tax and consultancy needsRead MoreFinancial Management Of The Healthcare Organization1371 Words   |  6 PagesFinancial Ratios Analysis Raven Washington MHA 612: Financial Managerial Accounting Professor Jack Lazarre October 27, 2014 The financial management of the healthcare organization needs to handle financial matters carefully in order to perform well. Ratio analysis is a kind of financial statement analysis that is utilized to get a fast indication of an organizations financial performance in most important sectors, for that reason the healthcare organization must utilize ratioRead MoreFall of Enron1160 Words   |  5 PagesThe Fall of Enron 1. Why was Enron such an admired company prior to 2000? What innovation do they bring to the table? Be specific and support your statement with concrete information. Prior to the year 2000, Enron Company, established in the mid-80s, caused the admiration worldwide because of its fast rise of revenue both in the local and international stock market in a short period of time. Enron’s operating income in the year 2000 was stated in $100.7 billion and its after-tax net income wasRead MoreAccounting And Its Impact On Business Success2129 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Accounting is not an end in itself but a means to help achieve business success. Thus, there is no such thing as good accounting practices or bad accounting practice as such. Technical accounting systems should be judged in the light of its impact on business success. Accounting systems and specific techniques should be considered in terms of the role they are expected to play. A concept ROI analysis may have little interest in the performance evaluation of middle managers in situationsRead MoreCurrent Status of Hybrid Managers1241 Words   |  5 Pagessystems is losing its importance† (Kakabadse amp; Norac-Kakabase, 2000). A paper by Anne Brackley in 1996 citing Colin Parker of the BCS in 1990 states that â€Å"The (hybrid manager) term was coined by Michael Earl, Director of OXIIM at Templeton College, Oxford†. David Skyrme (1989-1992) disputes the origin of the term but does confirm that Earl did offer the best definition of a Hybrid manager as â€Å"A person wit h strong technical skills and adequate business knowledge or vice versa .... hybrids areRead MoreCost Centre Of Sales Branches1689 Words   |  7 Pagesencourage managers to cut costs and as a result, this will be damaging the company’s long-term benefits. Furthermore, the sales branches at the company were discretionary cost centres, imposing an inappropriate input or cost relationship was likely to result in difficulties for performance measures. 2. Introduction The central focuses of this report include the Thoja’s management accounting system and its organisational structure. The information used to evaluate the two budgetingRead MoreBusiness Organization, Atlantic, Pacific Management1513 Words   |  7 Pagesbottom-up management philosophy; their unique management philosophy prepares them for greater profitability in the future. â€Å"Since the mid 1970’s, [APM] has purchased, developed, leased and managed residential and commercial properties throughout the United States. [As a] fourth-generation family-operated firm[, they] have built a foundation of quality property management, long-term asset investment and asset management services.† ( Today their modern footprint is as a third-party on-site

Night Creature Blue Moon Chapter 28 Free Essays

My cell phone shrilled into the silence that had fallen between us. I glanced at the caller ID. The station. We will write a custom essay sample on Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter 28 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Oops. â€Å"Hello?† â€Å"Why is it that I’m constantly asking, Where the hell are you, girl?† I winced. â€Å"Sorry. Is there a problem?† â€Å"Yeah. That Lucy Kelso chick has been calling every hour on the hour.† Hell. Tina. I’d forgotten her again. Obviously she hadn’t shown up yet. â€Å"I’ll get back to her.† â€Å"Where are you?† Zee repeated. â€Å"With Mandenauer. We had business to discuss.† â€Å"Kill yourselves anything tonight?† â€Å"Not tonight.† Zee’s exhale was so heavy, I nearly saw the smoke curl out of my phone. â€Å"You comin’ in soon?† â€Å"I need to do one more thing.† â€Å"Fine. But do me a favor?† â€Å"Anything.† â€Å"Turn on your fucking radio. You think it’s for decoration?† Zee slammed the receiver down hard enough to make my ear ring. I flicked on my radio, then caught Man-denauer’s eye. â€Å"I need to get back to work.† He stood. â€Å"Me, too.† â€Å"Where do you think you’re going?† All this talk of monsters and Nazis had me worried. I’d seen enough in my life to know that evil was damn near impossible to kill, and suddenly I didn’t want to let Mandenauer out of my sight. â€Å"I must return to my cabin and check in with my people.† â€Å"Your people?† â€Å"The other Jager-Suchers. They are scattered from west to east and north to south all over this world. I am their leader since I began the journey. We keep in contact now on the lovely Internet.† He shook his head. â€Å"What an invention.† â€Å"Who do you work for?† I asked again. â€Å"That federal government you are so fond of.† â€Å"Of the United States?† My voice squeaked. He smiled. â€Å"What other one is there?† I shook my head. â€Å"I have never heard of a unit like yours associated with the U.S. government.† Mandenauer just raised a brow and didn’t comment. Well, duh. Secret Special Forces. But a monster-hunting society and a Nazi werewolf army division? Please. â€Å"You said Clyde doesn’t know who you really are.† â€Å"The DNR sent a hunter, which is what I am. We have contacts with resource departments everywhere. In this way we are kept informed of any odd situations and we can investigate, then deal with whatever we find.† â€Å"But – â€Å" Mandenauer held up a hand. â€Å"Enough for one day, Jessie. You know what is important. You must be care-ful. We will talk again tomorrow.† He started for the door. â€Å"Wait.† He had told me what I needed to know to be safe. The least I could do was return the favor. Though Ca-dotte had asked me to keep what he’d discovered between us, after what I’d seen and heard tonight, the time for that was gone. I quickly filled Mandenauer in on Cadotte’s theory of the Matchi-auwishuk. â€Å"The Evil Ones,† he murmured. â€Å"And a wolf god. He may be right.† â€Å"But how do an ancient Ojibwe legend and a Nazi experiment fit together?† â€Å"I am not sure. I will have some Of my people investigate. In the meantime, you keep an eye on the professor.† I didn’t think I’d have any problem with that. Mandenauer opened the door, then paused. â€Å"But be careful,† he murmured. â€Å"Do not trust him too much.† â€Å"Why?† â€Å"I have discovered over the years that the one who knows the most about a secret is often the one behind the secret.† â€Å"You think Cadotte is a werewolf?† â€Å"He could be.† â€Å"Why would he tell me about them if he’s one of them?† â€Å"To gain your trust. And you must trust no one, Jessie. It is the only way to stay alive.† â€Å"Why do you trust me?† He shifted his rifle in my direction. â€Å"I could always shoot you with silver and see if you die.† â€Å"I’ll pass, thanks.† He smiled and left. I wasn’t all that sure he’d been kidding. I patted my pocket where the weight of Tina’s keys still rested. I was going to her house and dealing with this case before it slipped my mind again. I was starting to have a very bad feeling about Tina. Instead of returning my rifle to the safe, I took it with me to the car. Even though it was past midnight, I knocked on Tina’s door. I hoped she’d open it, pissed off that I’d woken her. No such luck. Maybe she was a heavy sleeper and I’d walk in on her. Or maybe she was a thorough lover and I’d walk in on them. I didn’t care. At least she’d be alive and off my to-find list. I pulled her keys out of my pocket. Something fell to the floor with a clatter. I bent and picked up the key I’d found next to Mandenauer’s wolf pile. Holding that one in my left hand, I used my right to try all the keys on Tina’s key ring. None of them fit. I tried again, tilting them every which way, jiggling them in the lock, trying to entice one to open the door. Maybe these were a friend’s keys. The car keys. The keys to the Clip and Curl. Hell. I was going to have to wait until tomorrow and get Lucy’s copy. I shoved the key ring into my pocket, switched the single key I’d found in the forest from left hand to right, then – I have no idea why – tried the mystery key in Tina’s door. It slipped right in. My breath caught; I turned my hand. The lock clicked. One tiny push and the door swung open. A cold wave of dread washed over me, but I stepped over the threshold anyway. â€Å"Tina?† Come on; come on. Be here. Be mad. Be very, very mad. My plea did no good. As I walked from room to silent room, I heard nothing, saw no one. I checked her messages and heard only frantic pleas from her boyfriend and Lucy to call them. I went through the mail. Nothing but bills and junk. I didn’t see a computer. She probably kept that downstairs in the shop. I was sure Lucy had already checked Tina’s e-mail if possible. Tina Wilson appeared to have vanished. I opened my hand and stared at the key. What did it mean? I had a niggling, nasty suspicion. Mandenauer had killed a cinnamon-shaded female, then burned the body. I’d found Tina’s key next to the fire. I reached out and picked up a photo of Tina and Lucy outside the Clip and Curl. The blonde and the redhead, although Tina’s hair had been more reddish brown. Auburn, some called it – perhaps cinnamon. I set the photo down with a click, then collapsed onto the sofa. What 1 was thinking was crazy. Tina had run off with some guy. It happened all the time. Of course, how did I explain that her purse, her car, her keys, her clothes were still here? She’d run off with a rich guy who’d promised to buy her the world? Maybe. I remembered the last time I’d seen her, when she’d questioned me on the street. Had she truly been concerned about mad wolves or more interested in discovering what we were doing about them? Hard to know when she wasn’t here to ask. Well, I’d follow procedure. Report her missing and send out the appropriate information to the media and other police stations. But I didn’t think Tina was going to turn up. My gut feeling was that the local hairdresser was one dead werewolf. How was that going to look on a report? How to cite Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter 28, Essay examples

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The Christ Complex in Literature free essay sample

Our culture and society has changed and evolved so much over the many years humans have been alive. Not only has our culture changed over time, it’s also so different wherever you go. This is most easily seen in classic literature. Literature and books come in all different shapes, sizes, time periods, and perspectives. With all this variety it’s difficult to find a common ground in all these pieces of literature, something to connect them all to a single point. Well, it might be easier to connect certain pieces of literature than you may think. With the constant change and evolution in society and literature, there has almost always been one constant, Jesus Christ. Christianity has been around for over 2,000 years. It has barely ever changed, being one of the most followed religions in the world. And in many pieces of literature, no matter how different, there are characters and concepts that represent Jesus Christ. We will write a custom essay sample on The Christ Complex in Literature or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These characters and concepts are considered Christ Figures. To prove this â€Å"Christ Complex† theory three classic pieces of literature will be analyzed to look for Christ Figures. Perhaps books young adults have to read in an introductory class on literature in a community college. Books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Jungle, and The Grapes of Wrath come to mind. If this theory holds, each of these books have either a Christ Figure or a Christ Concept (more on that later) within them. Identifying a Christ Figure can be a bit difficult since there is no set guideline on how to find one. The easiest way to find a Christ Figure in a piece of literature is to look for parallels between the character and the life of Jesus Christ. Look for similarities of their birth or name. Is the character’s mother named Mary or similar to Mary? Was his father royal? You can also look at the character’s qualities that are similar to Christ. Is the character misunderstood by many others? Is the character often sympathetic to others and is always helping out? Is the character associated with light? Do ‘miracles’ often happen around this character? Are they often punished for their beliefs? There are many other similarities you can look at when looking for a Christ Figure. This character doesn’t have to be an exact replica of Christ, but spotting three or four strong parallels would be a good indication that person is a Christ Figure. That is the crite ria that will be used to identify a Christ Figure in the three books being analyzed. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is the first book being put under the microscope. Uncle Tom’s Cabin takes place pre-Civil War and is about the life of a slave, Uncle Tom. Finding the Christ Figure in this book is pretty easy. The protagonist in this book, Uncle Tom, resembles Jesus’s life and character in many different ways, right up to his death. No one knows much about Tom’s early childhood, just like Jesus. His character is very similar to that of Jesus’s. He’s kind and caring almost to a fault. He goes out of his way to help and heal others, even at the risk of his own harm. He is sympathetic of everyone he meets and tends to see the ‘truth’ behind them. For example Tom knew the faults of St. Clare and tried to help him by showing him religion and faith. The most we see Tom as a Christ Figure is when he is sent to Legree’s plantation in the last part of the book. During this time Tom is beaten time and time again, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He is often punished for his ideals and moral code, just like Christ was. He suffered just as much, if not more, as everyone else around him, but he stilled tried to help those who were suffering alongside of him. There were times when he just wanted to give up, but he pulled through: In the end though, Tom pulls through and withstands his doubts and even attempts to encourage others to be as strong as he is in his faith even though he is beaten ends up dying. I can see Jesus in every aspect of Tom, unlike Eva. Even when Tom has flickering doubts in his faith it reminds me of the part in the Bible when Jesus cries out, ‘My God, my god, why have you forsaken me?’ Jesus seems to have similar thoughts that Tom has about his life when Jesus is being crucified (Gallo 1). Even Tom’s death was similar to that of Christ’s. He died so that two others could live. Two slave girls were escaping and the only other person who knew of their plan was Tom, but he wouldnt tell Legree, even when threatened with death. Tom know that he could save those girls, and he knew he would die anyway. He even forgives Legree for all of his wrong doings: â€Å"Tom opened his eyes, and looked upon his master. ‘Ye poor miserable critter!’ He said, ‘there aint no more ye can do! I forgive ye, with all my soul!’ And he fainted entirely away.† (Stowe 584) Just like Jesus, Tom forgave the person who did this to him. When Jesus was crucified there was two prisoners with him who were also being crucified. One of the prisoners knew he was Jesus and trusted in his power and speaks kindly of him, while the other mocks him. The first prisoner ask Jesus to remember him in the Holy Kingdom. In response, Jesus said, â€Å"Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.† Even on his deathbed Jesus saved one more soul. So did Tom. Two of Legrees slaves, Sambo and Qimbo, came to Tom and asked for forgiveness for the way they had treated him, along with asking who Jesus was. These two people finally realized what they have done, any knowing there was no hope for them. In response to this Tom says something that sounded similar to what Jesus said to the criminal, â€Å"‘Poor critters!’ said Tom, ‘Id be willing to bar’ all I have, if itll only bring ye to Christ! O, Lord! give me these two more souls, I pray!’† (Stowe 585) These are only a few similarities between the character Tom and Jesus. Just like Jesus, Tom represents hope and faith when there is none to be had. They both give the people around them strength to do what is right and just. Tom from Uncle Tom’s Cabin is most definitely a Christ Figure. The next book on the hit list is The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. This book was about immigrants, specifically Lithuanians, who come to Chicago in the meat processing factories. Everyone who came to work expected to make tons of money. Long story short none of them make a good living, they all go through horrific events, and they almost all (spoiler alert) eventually die. Literally the plot of the entire book is everything sucks all the time. Because this book wasnt well written, it was difficult to find an actual Christ Figure in it. Some characters came and went so fast that they were introduced in one chapter and then died in that same chapter. After analyzing the entire book looking for a Christ Figure, there was unfortunately none to be found. When all hope seemed to be lost for this theory, a realization occurred. The Jungle doesn’t have a single Christ Figure, it has an entire Christ Concept! The whole reason why Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle was to show how capitalism was destroying these immigrants who came to work in America. It showed how these poor people were cheated and beaten by the system, how they had no real hope to survive in this urban jungle of capitalism. Upton Sinclair is portraying capitalism as a terrible evil. Thus the opposite of capitalism would be the Christ Figure, or more appropriately, the Christ Concept. That system would be none other than socialism. Socialism is shown as the savior in this book, the only thing that could save these people from the evils of capitalism. The biggest example of socialism in The Jungle were the Unions. They were all about equal rights for the workers in the meatpacking factories. The unions brought the lower class immigrants together to fight for their rights to survive and make a living, just like how Christ and his followers fought for the rights and sins of others. They fight for those who cannot fight themselves. Whether or not it’s through peace, they are both fighting for what t hey believe is right. Unfortunately, this economic and political system is misunderstood by many and looked down upon, just like how Christianity and Jesus was first looked down upon in their early years. Socialism is battling the â€Å"evils† of capitalism (at least in Sinclairs perspective), just like how Jesus is battling the evils in the word. Socialism makes a nice parallel to the Christ figure if we consider capitalism as evil, just like how Sinclair did. The point of socialism is to change or break up capitalism, create an economic and political system that is controlled by the government, and everything is shared equally with everyone. According to Funk Wagnalls, this can be achieved by the: Reconstruction of the existing capitalist or other political system of a country through peaceful, democratic, and parliamentary means. The doctrine specifically advocates nationalization of natural resources, basic industries, banking and credit facilities, and public utilities. It places special emphasis on the nationalization of monopolized branches of industry and trade, viewing monopolies as inimical to the public welfare. (1) The theory of socialism is to advocate change through peace and democratic means. Although in practice it doesnt always work out like that, in it’s original and purest state thats how socialists try to change the wrongs in the world. This is similar to how Christ tries to change the wrongs he sees by helping people peacefully. Thus, from this perspective, The Jungle’s Christ Concept would be socialism, a virtual savior for the underclass people. Finally, the last classic piece of literature that will be put under the Christ microscope would be The Grapes of Wrath. This book by John Steinbeck revolves around the Great Depression, along with the Dust Bowl in states like Oklahoma. We follow the Joads family and their close friends as they travel to the â€Å"great† state of California to find better work on the famous Route 66. One character that stuck out was Jim Casy. Jim Casy was formerly a preacher in Oklahoma, but quite due to some pending circumstances that arent important to this paper. From the beginning the connection between Jim Casy and Jesus Christ were evident. It was actually so obvious that in the book Jim Casy even points out similarities between himself and Christ, but in a philosophical way: ‘I aint sayin’ Im like Jesus,’ the preacher went on. ‘But I got tired like Him, an’ I got mixed up like Him, an’ I went into the wilderness like Him, without no campinâ€℠¢ stuff. Nighttime Id lay on my back an’ look up at the stars; morning Id set an’ watch the sun come up; midday Id look out from the hill at the rollin’ dry country; evenin’ Id foller the sun down. Sometimes Id pray like I always done. On’y I couldn figure out what I was prayin’ to or for. There was the hills, an’ there was me, an’ we wasnt separate no more. We was one thing. An’ that one thing was holy.’ (Steinbeck 81) That by itself says a lot. Casy is stating that hes had similar experiences to Christ while trying to figure out how the world works. He came to the realization that everything is all connected in one big spirit. Jim Casy also decided to travel with the Joads to be a ‘spiritual leader’ and to ‘care for those who needed him’. Those were two of Jesus’s main goals, to be a spiritual leader and to help those in need. Jim Casy is giving of himself for those who needed him. Along with Casy’s ideals and experiences, one of the strongest points connecting him and Christ is his death: As acknowledged by many scholars, Casy’s death towered the end of the novel closely resembles the story of Christ’s passion. Casy is killed while resisting the police during a union strike, which he had helped organize, against the injustice of lawowners. He knows the extreme risk he is taking, but he remains unwavering in his conviction nevertheless. (McCoppin 40) Jesus knows there was a risk he was taking when he was helping others and showing the Christian way, but he did it anyway because he knew it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately he died on the cross because of it. Jim Casy died doing what he thought was right, fighting for his rights and the rights of others. That was a noble cause. Right before he died, Jim Casy said something to his killers that sets this theory in stone: â€Å"You fellas don’ know what youre doin’. Youre helpin’ to starve kids.† (Steinbeck 386) His killers yell at him to shut up, and he says it again. Why is that statement so important? Other than the fact it shows Casy’s character and forgiveness, it also resembles Christs last plead to God before he dies on the cross: â€Å"forgive them, for they know not what they do† (Luke 23:34). Its almost uncanny the similarities to these statements. Jim Casy and Jesus Christ are so similar to each other that some scholars have said they are almost carbon copies. Even their initials, J.C., are identical. There is little doubt that Jim Casy represents Jesus Christ in The Grapes of Wrath. The evidence is there, right down to the last breath. The three books that were analyzed all showed prominent Christ Figures and Christ Concepts. For Uncle Tom’s Cabin it was Tom, the slave that always carried a bible around and would do no harm to anyone even at risk of death. In The Jungle socialism represented Christ, due to its battle against the ‘evils’ of capitalism and its representation as the ‘savior’ for the immigrants who were struggling to survive. In The Grapes of Wrath the uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ was Jim Casy, the former preacher who has had similar experiences to Christ from their name right up to the last words that uttered. Each of these characters and concepts have shown they can be strong even in the darkest of times. Even when they stray from their path of good, they always find their way back to the right and will stick with it till the end. But a question still remains. Whats the purpose of all these characters who represent Christ? The answer to that question might be the same reason why people go to church every Sunday and pray when they need help in their darkest times, and that reason is hope. The point of the Christ Figure might just be that they give the other characters in the novel hope when there is no hope to be had, just like how Jesus and religion gives people this crazy and scary world hope. In all of these books the characters are in impossible situations where there seems to be no hope in sight. That’s where the Christ Figure comes in, they give hope. All of these authors might be trying to say that as long as there is hope, you can get through anything and stay on the right path. Hope is message these people are giving us. They are showing us that even when everything is grim, there is alway hope, and tomorrow will come. Works Cited Gallo, Marina. Jesus vs. Tom and Eva in Uncle Toms Cabin. N.p., 06 Apr. 2006. Web. 01 May 2017. History Of Christianity. AllAboutReligion. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 May 2017. McCoppin, Rachel. The Many Faces of Jesus in Steinbecks The Grapes ofWrath. Studies in the Literary Imagination, vol. 46, no. 2, Fall2013, p.35. Socialism. Funk Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, 2016, p. 1p. 1. Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath. New York, New York: Penguin Classics ,1992. Print. Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Toms Cabin. New York, New York: PenguinClassics, 1986. Print.

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Woman Warrior Letter

Woman Warrior Letter After reading The Woman Warrior, I had a lot of questions. First of all, some of these questions were a result of the unfamiliar structure of the novel. I was confused by the many stories told in the memoir. When I read them as separate stories, I could not see a point to all of them; I did not notice how and if they were connected and I did not understand why Kingston was telling them. Since they did not directly relate to her life, I could not see their purpose, and they plain out confused me. But I think that she did this for that purpose- for the reader to struggle along with the protagonist and for the reader to become confused just as the story-teller is.Two things that confuse me is how the narrator jumped back and forth between viewpoints and also time periods. For example, she jumps between the point of view of Brave Orchid, Fa Mu Lan, and the protagonist.LAN 1I found it interesting that her memoir was made up of the stories of others. Then I noticed that the protagonist oft en credited these stories to others and just hinted that some of the notions were creations of her imagination. I think Kingston uses this technique to hint to the reader that the protagonist is defining herself in the terms of others; except in the last section when she finally speaks for herself.2 Another part of the memoirÂÆ' ¢Ã‚ ¢Ã‚‚ ¬Ã‚ ¢Ã‚„ ¢s structure that added to my confusion was the fact that I did not know what the overall plot was. Since I did not know the ultimate point the author was getting to, it confused me when she moved between different periods in time with different stories. The combination of these ÂÆ' ¢Ã‚ ¢Ã‚‚ ¬Ã‚…“foreignÂÆ' ¢Ã‚ ¢Ã‚‚ ¬Ã‚‚  writing techniques made it...

Monday, March 2, 2020

Academic Service for All Students Who Want to Improve Writing Skills

Academic Service for All Students Who Want to Improve Writing Skills Scholarship essays vary depending on the subject in question. In most cases, you are required to recount for personal experiences to write a compelling paper. So, in this part, you will be able to know useful tips that can help you write a good paper, as well as choose good scholarship essay topics. When writing, you need to know the subject matter explicitly. Therefore, you need to devote substantial time, that is around one to two weeks while brainstorming ideas. Here below are some points worth consideration when brainstorming. First, you need to be aware of your accomplishments and be able to determine you consider them to be so. Of noteworthy is that you need not limit yourself to the things that you have accomplished, but also consider the stale ones while placing them in the context of your life. Second, think about qualities that may be of a distinguishing factor, and be able to explain it vividly. Meanwhile, you can as well write about the favorite books, and movies that you think have a great impact on your life. Also, your audience will be thrilled to know some sorts of moments that have proved tough in your life. Think of struggling moments, and be able to explain whether you succeeded or not. I this context, be able to explain whether you managed. Third, a trait is one of the most sought after feature when it comes to these types of essays. Be able to explain your philosophies while explaining why you believe in them. Also, explaining how your friends characterize you based on these attributes will be a plus. To get quality assistance, and even be able to attain better topics for scholarship essay, you should join us today. We assist students in writing their essays at the most affordable rate. Furthermore, our team of writers are well-versed with different niches. Thus, they are capable of tailoring an essay to fit the requirements needed. Some easy scholarship essay topics you can get from us are as enlisted below. The inspiration My objectives for the next five years My dreams The person who motivated my ideologies My accomplishments Also, you will be able to get themes that are related to scholarship essays from us. Some of them include champion, college, community, competition, contribution, career, and classroom, among others. We have vast choices, so you don’t have to stress yourself. Instead, consider joining our dedicated team of professionals and get quality assistance today. We often assign the best writer, depending on the subject matter. Therefore, you do not have to worry when you have a task. How to Write Better Given interesting scholarship essay topics Handling an essay can sometimes prove a daunting task, especially when you want to perfect the outcome. In this case, you want to please the audience, and even speak boldly about your objectives of that particular school, as well as aims of that particular award. It is not easy as it may seem because, in this scenario, you have to alter it to show the panel that you deserve the prize. So, this is why we have created the best scholarship essay topics that you can often choose from. Our tutors often do this sort of task to our clients; that is, they will choose the best fitting topic for you depending on the question. Then, he or she will go ahead to write the entire prompt as you wait for the result. There are vast college scholarship essay topics you can often retrieve from our website. Most of them are well crafted in such a way to fit the question being asked. Of noteworthy is that we offer quality papers free from plagiarism and that our tutors have at least a master’s degree. Other forms will sell you prewritten work, thus resulting in plagiarism. To avoid this sort of issue, we assign a specific tutor to work on your paper by giving it an individualized approach. Why You Need Help with Scholarship Essay Topics for College Students There are several reasons why a student may need help with scripting essays. Most teachers may consider this as cheating, but it is not. We hold a contrary opinion. Selecting good topics for an scholarship essay may be very hard for a student, and this is an area we want to eliminate for our clients so that you may succeed in whatever application you are undertaking. Notably, you may have difficulty in finding the correct information to write a well-scripted paper. Perhaps, your English is not good, and you do not want to do it alone for fear of writing the broken language, thus risking staining your image. Well, you do not have to worry at all since we are here to alleviate such problems for you to make your life a smooth one. Our website has numerous topics to write an scholarship essay on, and you can always pick some of these samples to give you a head start. However, we will not let you undergo the pain of having to write this paper all alone. Because of this fact, we have a protocol that you can always use to make an order and let one of our esteemed writers handle your paper. By choosing us, you get numerous benefits, most of which you will not get in other areas. They include customized content, plagiarism free paper, unlimited revisions, and privacy. Also, we have secure payment options, so you do not have to worry about the options we offer. Our customer service is online daily and anytime. Thus, you can reach us now if you have a paper that you need help with. We will be glad to assist. On how to reach us, you have options, such as making a phone call, email, and live chatting the customer care agent. Alternatively, you can fill the order forms directly and specify all the instructions correctly so that we can assign the best writer to work on your prompt.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Four managerial function Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Four managerial function - Term Paper Example Planning can be defined as the process of selecting the course of action for the project. There can be different ways of achieving the same goal, with some incurring more costs than others. The purpose of planning is to identify such a course of action to achieve the goals that enables a manager to minimize the cost without compromising upon the quality. The need for planning originates in the fact that the market economies in which an organization has to establish itself, survive, and thrive are highly competitive and change is a norm in such market economies (Rao, 1988). Planning is a technical skill. To facilitate the managers in the present age, several planning software are available in the market. Such planning software include but are not limited to MS 2010 and Primavera. After the suitable course of action has been identified to achieve the goal, the next step is to schedule the project. Organizing is the second function of management. â€Å"Organizing is the process of linking and arranging activities in a sequence. It includes allocating work, authority and resources† (Rao, 1988). In this stage, the different steps identified in the plan are time-phased. The plan is divided into a range of activities that are assigned durations and relationships are established between them. A manager needs very good technical and intellectual skills in order to be able to execute this function successfully. Organizing, as the name implies, is also concerned with structuring and administering the organization in such a way that adequate channels for effective communication and execution of plans are formed. In the organizing function of management, the manager decides what kind of organizational structure should prevail in the organization so that the desired organizational culture, hierarchy, and channels of communication are formed. A manager needs to have a